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Czech News in English » News » Politics » The President claims he is being monitored by BIS

The President claims he is being monitored by BIS

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The Security Information Service has allegedly been monitoring the President’s economic advisor Martin Nejedlý. The service most likely intends to investigate Nejedlý due to his interactions with the Russians, which might be a threat to the security of the Czech Republic. Nejedlý confirmed that he was aware of the fact that BIS might be watching his steps very closely. However, the speaker of BIS, Ladislav Šticha, gave the press no statement on this delicate matter. Miloš Zeman, the president of the Czech Republic, even said that a few years ago, he was informed by a highly positioned BIS member that Michal Koudelka, the director of BIS, ordered the Security Information Service to monitor not only Nejedlý, but several other individuals that are very close to the president. Furthermore, Zeman accused the Security Service of indirectly keeping an eye on the president himself. Zeman claims that since he does not own a mobile phone, the monitoring of his inner circle is practically monitoring him. He was uncomfortable with such a revelation and requested help from the Prime Minister, Andrej Babiš, right away. According to Zeman, Babiš assured him that he would put a stop to the monitoring but afterwards did not do as he promised. On the other hand, as Babiš shared on his social media, he has no say nor interest in the spy actions of BIS and as far as he knows, it is in the competence of the court to allow BIS to monitor. A meeting will be promptly held to unravel whether the Security Information Service had the proper rights to monitor certain politicians and if so, which of the two, the president or the prime minister.

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