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Dennik N: Babiš, Zeman’s position better than PM’s after gov’t crisis

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Bratislava, May 24 (CTK) – All are losing in the Czech government crisis, but the biggest loser is democracy, Slovak daily Dennik N. writes today, adding that President Milos Zeman and ANO head Andrej Babis emerged from it weakened, but their chance to recover the loss is higher than PM Bohuslav Sobotka’s.

“No one has won, all have suffered some loss, but Prime Minister Sobotka’s position is slightly worse because he has lower opportunities to make up for the loss,” Dennik N. wrote.

“However, the worst defeat was suffered by Czech democracy because the situation has not practically changed after so many strong statements were made,” the paper writes.

It writes that politicians missed the opportunity to show that problems can be solved effectively and based on principles even in democracy.

Dennik N. writes that Babis’s image of an “alpha male,” whom nothing can stop, an image of a manager and non-politician who came to end up with the traditional corrupt political elite, has suffered a serious defeat.

“He still has five months before the (October general) election and after his departure from the government he can fully focus on the election campaign. No one in the Czech Republic has so much money for the campaign as Babis and his ally, Zeman, who will be fighting for his re-election early next year,” Dennik N. writes.

It writes that the two campaigns will probably be interlinked and that Babis and Zeman will be mutually supporting one another in the struggle against the mainstream parties and in the undermining of the democratic system.

They both have the advantage of their voters being strongly undemanding, Dennik N. writes.

Zeman has also been weakened in the government crisis due to his effort to show who is the powerful and to humiliate Sobotka at any cost.

“Zeman has big means for his campaign mainly because he shamelessly makes use of his post in it, for instance, by frequently visiting regions. In addition, both Moscow and Beijing wish his re-election and they will undoubtedly express their support not only by spreading false news, but also financially,” Dennik N. writes.

It writes that Sobotka tried to be resolved and manly during the government crisis, but he often changed his stands and outwardly, he rather made an irresolute and desperate impression.

Sobotka also has the disadvantage that democratic politicians usually have more demanding voters, Dennik N. writes.

“He was in government with Babis for more than three years and he will not get rid of the impression that he became a resolute democrat and advocate of decent politics only under the influence of the development of the voter preferences that predicted a cruel defeat for his party and a great victory for Babis,” Dennik D. writes.

It adds that Sobotka’s position has also been adversely affected by conflicts within the CSSD.

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