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Czech Realists may spend CZK 90m limit on election campaign

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Prague, June 2 (CTK) – The Realists, a new Czech rightist party, plan to spend the whole legal limit of 90 million crowns on their campaign before the October general election if they finds enough sponsors, its election manager Daniel Bartek told reporters today when the party launched its campaign.

The party, which was founded by political analyst Petr Robejsek, 68, last November, is financially supported by billionaire Marek Dospiva, co-founder of Penta Group.

“We are a party that entered politics recently and the sources we have at our disposal are naturally limited. However, we are seeking sponsors even during the campaign. As the campaign manager, I would personally like to use the whole legal limit. It depends on our sponsors whether we will succeed in this,” Bartek said.

The Realists formally launched their election campaign today with their slogan “A Change in Style.”

Robejsek says it means that a new grouping is entering the scene whose approach to politics differs from the current parties in parliament.

Support for the Realists is under the 5-percent parliamentary threshold according to opinion polls.

However, the party gained its first MP in May when Martin Lank, who was elected to the Chamber of Deputies for the Dawn movement, joined it. He justified his decision by conflicts with the Dawn leadership and the Realists’ programme that, he said, stands close to his own priorities.

The Realists put an emphasis on national interests in their manifesto. They want the Czech constitution to be superior to international treaties and plan to strongly suppress illegal migration to the country.

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