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Former politicians of Czech ANO establish PRO 2016

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Brno, June 4 (CTK) – Former politicians of the Czech government ANO movement founded the PRO 2016 movement in Brno Saturday and the ANO head and Finance Minister Andrej Babis said the founders are people who have not been chosen for the autumn regional elections.
PRO 2016 said it is not going to participate in national politics for the time being, but it wants to run in the regional elections in the South Bohemia Region at least.
The new movement’s assembly elected Radka Paulova, town councillor in Prachatice, south Bohemia, its chairwoman. Hana Naiclerova became the first deputy chairwoman. PRO 2016 has three regular deputy chairpersons.
“The PRO movement is a new political entity that aims to support regions, operate on the level of regions and promote people’s greater participation in politics because politics concerns each of us,” Paulova said.
South Bohemian, South Moravian and Olomouc regional organisations are to be formed soon.
Paulova said the path followed by the ANO movement is not correct, which made some politicians leave it and found the new movement.
She said those who left ANO did so because of “lack of communication, lack of information, a ban on communication across the movement, the directive order to keep silent and not to say anything, only to rubber-stamp.”
They also objected to that the movement’s programme is not observed and that it is diverting from its visions, Paulova said.
Babis has admitted mistakes have been made in some regions, but he dismissed the complaints about undemocratic procedures.
He said he would not guess the new movement’s chances of succeeding because he does not know its members.

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