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Green Party: Trump’s election tries to reinstall white hegemony

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Prague, Nov 9 (CTK) – The victory of Donald Trump in the U.S. presidential election is a desperate attempt to reinstall the white hegemony and Trump’s era will increase inequality, hatred and use of force, Matej Stropnicky, head of the Czech extra-parliamentary Green Party, said yesterday.
“Trump’s triumph is a desperate attempt to return to the hegemony of the white man in the world than does not belong to the white man anymore,” he said.
Trump cannot reinstall his world of the past, his political programme of the renewed hegemony is no solution, Stropnicky said.
He warned that Trump may lead the world on the brink of a world conflict.
In the elections held in the United States on Tuesday, the Republican Trump defeated the Democrat Hillary Clinton.
The Greens sharply oppose Trump’s support for restrictive migration measures, his criticism of limits to arms possession and his challenging of climate change.
Trump said the USA would terminate the Paris climate deal.
The Greens also said Trump planned to cut the U.S. spending on NATO.
They said Trump criticised bilateral agreements on free trade, but he would replace them with protectionist foreign trade policy.

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