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Social Democrats present election manifesto

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Prague, June 17 (CTK) – Czech Social Democrats (CSSD) promise the average salary of 40,000 crowns a month, progressive taxation, a special tax for millionaires and better health care in their election manifesto called Good Country for Life they unveiled today.

Along with ten programme areas, the Social Democrats have adopted a sharp course against their rivals.

“The Czech Republic is no firm controlled by its managers in an authoritarian manner,” the manifesto said in a veiled reference to the slogan “Running the State Like a Business,” coined by the ANO leader, billionaire Andrej Babis.

ANO is easily leading in the latest polls, far ahead of the rest of the parties, including the Social Democrats, its coalition partner.

“We do not believe in any chosen ones who will run our country for us and without any participation,” the manifesto said.

“We do not believe in any Messiahs able to arrange for radiant future for all. We must arrange this ourselves along with you,” it added.

The opposition Civic Democratic Party (ODS) said the CSSD had come up again with unrealistic promises and regulations and increases in the welfare payment.

The Social Democrats promise that the salaries will be raised to the average 40,000 crowns in five years, which is more than the four-year term of the Chamber of Deputies.

“We want to achieve such a rapid rise in the salaries that by 2022, the average salary should be at least 40,000 crowns,” the manifesto said.

The Social Democrats also want to raise the minimum wage to at least 16,000 crowns in five years.

The party also promises a five-week holiday for all employees.

At present, the average salary is 27,889 crowns and the minimum salary 11,000 crowns in the Czech Republic.

The CSSD has vowed to insist on progressive taxation.

“We will introduce progressive taxation of individuals’ incomes and generally lower the taxes, which will raise the incomes of 98 percent of employees,” the manifest said.

“We will cut the taxes to small and medium-sized businesses and introduce fair progressive taxation of large companies with high profits,” it added.

Banks, too, will be subjected to taxation.

The party wants to impose a tax on the sales of shares on the same level as the taxes on dividends.

Inheritance and donation taxes should be imposed on the property over 50 million crowns.

The Social Democrats also wants families with the income up to 3.5 times the subsistence level to be eligible for the birth allowance. At present, only families with 2.7 times the subsistence level can claim it.

The party also wants to increase child benefits and parental benefits from the current 220,000 to 300,000 crowns.

The Social Democrats promise to introduce interest-free loans for housing to young families and free rides in the public railway and bus transport for children, schoolchildren and the elderly over 65.

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