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KDU/STAN alliance wants to simplify Czech tax system

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Prague, June 20 (CTK) – The Christian Democrats (KDU-CSL) and the Mayors and Independents (STAN) want the Czech tax system to be simplified, the tax burden for families with children to be lowered and the electronic registration of sales not to apply to small businesses, their leaders told journalists today.

In the long term, the state budget should be balanced, KDU-CSL leader Pavel Belobradek and STAN leader Petr Gazdik said during the presentation of their economic programme four months before the general election.

The KDU/STAN alliance wants to make the Czech business environment more stable and it does not plan any big changes in tax rates. “We don’t expect to support any steep decrease or increase in taxes,” Belobradek said.

The alliance will promote flat rates for self-employed people and lower taxes for large families.

“When parents take care of their children, they should contribute a bit less to the pension system but later draw from it more. Their main expenses are made in favour of the family,” KDU-CSL economic expert Jaroslav Klaska said.

Belobradek said the state should have a balanced budget as soon as possible. At the same time, investments thanks to which the country will be able to compete on the world market need to be made, he said, referring to investments in science and development and infrastructure.

Former central bank vice governor Pavel Kysilka, who is the guarantor of the KDU/STAN economic programme, said the Czech Republic may lose its advantages, such as cheap workforce.

“We still have time to develop new competitive advantages step by step. They need to be based on top education, science, research, development, quality infrastructure, businesses and work that will be supported by a calm regulation environment,” Kysilka said.

The KDU-CSL is the smallest partner in the centre-left government of Bohuslav Sobotka (Social Democrats, CSSD), which also includes the ANO movement of Andrej Babis. The STAN is a centrist opposition party that closely cooperated with the right-wing opposition TOP 09 until the end of last year.


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