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Zeman’s spokesman rejects German magazine’s criticism

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Berlin, Nov 19 (CTK) – Der Spiegel German magazine describes Czech President Milos Zeman as a politician who is loyal to his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin and who is heading eastwards rather than westwards, which Zeman’s spokesman Jiri Ovcacek has categorically rejected as nonsense.
Der Spiegel writes that both Zeman and his predecessor in the post, Vaclav Klaus (2003-2013), rank among European populists.
“After the decision on Brexit and the election of Donald Trump (U.S. president), rightist and leftist populists are on the rise in the EU. Despite their ideological differences, they are connected by their rejection of the establishment and liberal order,” Der Spiegel writes.
The magazine considers Hungarian PM Viktor Orban, French National Front chairwoman Marine Le Pen and Dutch Party for Freedom head Geert Wilders right-wing populists, while the leftist ones are Greek PM Alexis Tsipras, Slovak head of government Robert Fico and Zeman, the magazine writes.
“In spite of the Czech links to the West, he prefers focusing eastwards,” Der Spiegel writes on Zeman.
It reminds of his words that the Czech Republic is an independent country now, while in the past, it was under the pressure of the United States and the European Union.
Der Spiegel also mentions Zeman’s strongly negative position on the Western sanctions against Russia because of its intervention in Ukraine.
“Along with Zeman, loyal to Putin, his predecessor in the post, Vaclav Klaus, who speaks up at the AfD’s (Alternative for Germany) election meetings in his free time, serves as a tool,” Der Spiegel writes.
It also points to Zeman’s benevolent stance on alcohol.
Ovcacek rejected the statements on Zeman in the magazine.
“German journalists must be excused. Trump’s victory upset them to such a high extent that they are writing nonsense in a cruel coma,” Ovcacek tweeted.

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