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Zeman signs pension, social welfare, cyber security bills

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Prague, June 21 (CTK) – Czech President Milos Zeman today signed into law amendments to laws on pensions, more advantageous benefits for families with children, cyber security, health nurses and the ombudsman, the Presidential Office has told CTK today.

The first law raises pensions by about 500 crowns monthly, which is about 100 crowns more than now.

It sets retirement age at 65 years, but the government will be able to change it according to circumstances.

Pensions will be raised by a half of the rise in real wages against one third now and by the rise in the prices of the goods bought by seniors if this is more advantageous for them than the currently applied general inflation growth.

The change will cost the state budget an additional 2.5 billion crowns next year.

The second legislation raises tax reliefs for the first child, extends the range of parents entitled to child welfare and the parents of two and more children born at a time will get higher parental benefits.

The child tax reliefs will cost an additional 2.1 billion crowns annually.

The child welfare benefits will be paid as from next year to the families whose incomes are lower than 2.7 times subsistence level compared to 2.4 times now.

The law on cyber security will now also relate to the administrators and operators of information systems in energy industry and transport.

The law also establishes an independent authority for cyber security, which now falls under the National Security Office.

According to the law on health nurses, they will no longer need university education, but only a secondary health school and one year at a higher vocational school.

The law also embeds education for therapists and specialists in traditional Chinese medicine. Starting health care rescuers will have to undergo practice in hospitals.

As from next year, the ombudsman will be entitled to watch the observance of the rights of the disabled.

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