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Former Czech soldiers, police found movement, backing Zeman

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Prague, May 24 (CTK) – The new Czech political movement Security, Responsibility, Solidarity (BOS), mainly gathering former soldiers and police officers, wants to take part in the autumn general election, its representatives told journalists today.

In politics, they want primarily to deal with the questions of security, border protection against illegal migration and the reinforcement of the military and security bodies.

BOS chairman Jaroslav Stefec, a former Defence Ministry senior official, said the BOS wanted to “unify the citizens of the Czech Republic who realise the current threat to the Czech Republic arising especially from a chaos in international relations, Islamist radicalism, illegal migration, cyber threats and the threats of mass epidemics.”

Support for President Milos Zeman’s re-election is one of the BOS aims, Stefec said.

The BOS programme wants to support the measures that are to help ensure a “reliable protection and defence of territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Czech Republic,” Stefec said.

This includes the insistence on the Benes Decrees, which approved the transfer of Germans from the former Czechoslovakia after the war, the prevention of illegal migration in the Czech Republic, the elimination of ideological signs of radical Islam and increase in the capabilities of the Czech military by a substantial rise in the number of troops in combat units at the expense of army bureaucrats.

The programme also wants to impose taxes on the proceeds from the return of property to churches, to fight against corruption, to pass a law introducing working duty for prisoners and to ensure food self-sufficiency of the Czech Republic.

Stefec said the BOS now had 50 members and its regional councils and regional branches were being formed.

He said the BOS wanted to run in all regions in the general election. It is now being sponsored by personal gifts, he added.


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