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KDU-ČSL’s election programme focuses on family, schools

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Prague, Aug 26 (CTK) – Better conditions for families, a more effective school system and support for innovation and for landscape and agricultural land are the priorities the Czech centrist Christian Democrats (KDU-CSL) mention in their programme ahead of the October 20-21 general election.

The KDU-CSL, which is a junior partner in the Czech centre-left government, will also seek a thorough analysis of the effect of the first and second waves of a gradually introduced system of electronic registration of sales (EET).

The KDU-CSL wants those who do not pay VAT and non-profit NGOs to be exempted from EET.

Furthermore, it says it will strive for the average wage of teachers to increase to 130 percent of the country’s average wage by 2021.

It also wants changes at teaching faculties.

Access to postgraduate studies should be narrowed and teh scholarship sum for such students increased, the KDU-CSL says in its programme.

Its proposed pro-family measures include an increase in the annual tax relief for the tax payer and for their children.

The KDU-CSL wants the introduction of advantageous state-subsidised mortgages for families with children.

Still before the recent scrapping by the KDU-CSL of its election coalition with the opposition Mayors and Independents (STAN), the KDU-CSL said it wants the third and fourth phases of EET to be postponed by nine months until after the effect of the first two phases is analysed.

The KDU-CSL’s updated election programme insists on the analysis.

The party also wants to put emphasis on the care for landscape and agricultural land and on checks of the quality of foods.

KDU-CSL chairman and Deputy PM Pavel Belobradek said for his party, the Czech Republic’s membership of the EU and NATO is of crucial importance, but Prague should be more active in both organisations.

The KDU-CSL’s election motto is “Responsibly.”

A few weeks ago, the party withdrew from the KDU-CSL/STAN election coalition in apprehension of failing to gain 10 percent of the vote, a threshold set for a two-party coalition.

The KDU-CSL has 14 seats in the 200-seat Chamber of Deputies and three seats in the 17-seat cabinet where its partners are the Social Democrats (KDU-CSL) and the ANO movement.

The KDU-CSL’s recent voter preferences have been about 5 percent, which is the parliament threshold.


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