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Poll: ANO, Social Democrats able to defend Czech interests

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Prague, Sept 29 (CTK) – Some 52 percent of Czechs believe that the governing ANO and Social Democrats (CSSD) are able to defend the Czech Republic’s interests, according to a poll conducted by the CVVM public opinion institute in early September and released yesterday.
The rest of the parties are largely unable do so, the poll found.
The two parties also received the best poll ratings in other spheres such as support for the middle class, the guarantee of democratic conditions and the ability to administer the public finances well.
Since the previous poll, held in September 2013, ANO has most improved its position.
When it comes to this party, disagreement prevailed over agreement in the case of the statement “it targets its programme on the poor.”
Here, the best result was scored by the CSSD with 72 percent, followed by the Communists (KSCM) with 59 percent.
Agreement over disagreement considerably prevails for ANO in the questions of whether it has an economic programme enabling economic growth, whether it encourages the development of the business sphere, whether it has outstanding political personalities and whether it is able to administer the public finances.
In the last question, ANO is the only party in which the number of positive answers was higher than that of the negative answers.
The Christian Democrats (KDU-CSL), the third coalition government member, is not much above or below the average in any of the asked questions.
“Despite its center-right focus, it is primarily considered a party that targets its programme on the poor and is a guarantee of democratic conditions,” the CVVM analysts said.
When it comes to the opposition conservative TOP, one half of Czechs agree with the view that it supports the development of the business sphere, while 54 percent said the party had outstanding political personalities.
The opposition Civic Democratic Party (ODS) received a negative assessment in all partial categories with the exception of the support for the business sphere, where agreement (56 percent) was much higher than disagreement (26 percent).
The poll was conducted on a sample of 994 Czechs between September 7 and 14.

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