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Presidential candidate Drahoš to be apolitical kingpin

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Prague, March 30 (CTK) – Czech presidential candidate Jiri Drahos will seek the needed citizens’ signatures, will not seek nomination by parliament and if elected, he wants to be an apolitical kingpin and he will not support any political party, he told journalists yesterday.
A presidential candidate needs at least 50,000 signatures by citizens, or support by ten senators or 20 deputies.
Drahos, chairman of the Science Academy (AV) for two terms until March 24, said he wold not like to appint a government with Communists (KSCM).
He said he supports the Czech Republic’s membership of the EU and NATO.
He said he wants to gain money for his campaign from common supporters as well as larger firms and that he has already opened a transparent account for this purpose.
Drahos announced his candidacy at a meeting with citizens in Jablunkov, north Moravia, on Tuesday.
He said yesterday he did so not only because he comes from the region, but also because Jablunkov is the remotest place from Prague in the country. He does not want to forget about people in remoter parts of the country, Drahos said.
He said he will only shape his campaign with his team.
Drahos said he wants to wage a door-to-door campaign and that he would not unnecessarily postpone its launch.
In the campaign, he would not comment on his rivals, including incumbent President Milos Zeman, who will seek re-election.
Drahos said he would like to be the president of all people.
He said he considers presidency a service to citizens and that he would like to push through his lifetime principles, which are the truth and reason.
“The president should support national pride, but not nationalism. I do not know why we should bow to anyone,” Drahos said.
He said he supports the definition of the powers and duties of the president in the constitution, which the president should respect.
Asked whether he would appoint a government including KSCM members, Drahos said it is a party in parliament, but that he minds the radical opinions some of them hold about the past. That is why he would not appoint Communists to a government.
Drahos said the Czech Republic’s anchoring in Europe is important. He said he is pro-European in spite of the various negative sides of EU membership, such as bureaucracy.
“These are things that can be changed from inside,” Drahos said.
He said no state having the dimensions of the Czech Republic can defend their own security with their own means. That is why he supports NATO membership.
Drahos has two daughters and two grandsons. His family has a flat in an apartment house in Prague and a weekend cottage.
Drahos said he would not release his complete medical record after the example of another presidential candidate, lyricist and businessman Michal Horacek. He said he only takes medicines for a slightly higher blood pressure.

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