As the Prague Monitor previously reported, the Czech President Miloš Zeman is currently being treated in the Military University Hospital in Prague. However, up until now, the media could only speculate about the President’s condition since Jiří Ovčáček, the President’s spokesman, was reluctant to give away any details. The newest information finally released on the Prague Castle web presents that the President is for now not endangered by any serious diseases. In the announcement, Ovčáček writes that upon his arrival to the hospital on Tuesday, the doctors performed thorough medical examinations of the President including CT, sonography and blood sampling. The observations did not reveal any disturbing news. Zeman’s diabetes levels are within the medical standards. According to the doctors,Continue Reading

Recently, a controversy within the Czech parliament formed around one of the PM’s projects. Reportedly, he organised and oversaw a creation of a new brochure explaining cancer treatment to Czech patients. That might sound like a good thing, but the controversy stems from the fact that the Czech PM Andrej Babiš insisted that a photo of him is included in the brochure. The opposition sees this as a disgusting form of campaign, since the PM seems to be using the topic of cancer to spread his face throughout the public, using a brochure funded not by his party, but by the Czech public insurance company VZP. The Prime minister insisted that his intentions were pure, saying that it was outrageousContinue Reading

On Monday, the government has decided to keep moving Czech time forward by one hour for each summer, and turn the clock back to its original state before winter. Their decision will influence the next five years. Daylight savings time has been in effect throughout the most of Europe since the end of the 1970s. According to Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Jana Maláčová, the government is following the decisions of other European countries. The only European regions that do not follow Daylight savings time are Russia, Belarus, Iceland, Greenland and a part of Norway. The time shifts forward on the last Sunday in March and goes backward an hour on the last Sunday of October. Despite the overwhelmingContinue Reading

On Sunday, the president’s expertise team, the president Miloš Zeman himself and Czech ministers Kulhánek and Metnar attended a meeting in Lány Castle, the president’s summer residence, to discuss the aftermath of the recent occurrences in Afghanistan. As Jakub Kulhánek, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, shared on his social media, their main priorities include alleviating the humanitarian crisis, preventing illegal migration and also the war against terrorism. The leading politicians agreed that the Czech Republic might be endangered by several security risks, such as migration and terrorism. Therefore, according to their beliefs, it is crucial to take necessary precautions to ensure the country’s safety. For instance, the expertise team has strongly advised to strengthen the protection of Czech borders.  InContinue Reading

Following other political parties, the PirSTAN coalition, assembled specifically for the 2021 elections, intensifies their campaign process. The so-called hot phase of the campaign officially launched on Thursday, September 9th as the ŠVINDLbus arrived at Ústí nad Labem. Ivan Bartoš himself, the leader of the Piráti political party and one of the main figures representing the coalition, is the candidate in Ústecký Region. Bartoš and Vít Rakušan, the chairman of the STAN political party, along with numerous PirSTAN members gathered at Letná and from Prague headed to Ústí. Symbolically, Letná plain is a place where nearly two years ago, more than a quarter of a million Czechs have protested to express their disagreement with the current government led by PrimeContinue Reading

With the upcoming elections, Czech political parties and coalitions diligently work on their propaganda to get as many votes as possible. The SPD political party is no exception. Civilians can encounter politicians representing SPD on their Farmers Markets in all regional cities. During September, the so called SPĎák, a huge truck with SPD members on board, will be coursing through a number of cities across the Czech Republic. The party will introduce their candidates to the public and present their programme. Tomio Okamura, the leader of SPD, said that their main priority is to keep children at schools and not permit the educational institutes to close. Furthermore, they want to annul all contra epidemic rules that are currently in placeContinue Reading

Kantar CZ and Data Collect are two research agencies that create statistics for businessman and political matters based on the gathered data. They have also provided several estimations regarding the upcoming elections that are nearing. In less than five weeks, on October 8th and 9th, 2021 Czech citizens will be voting in the Czech legislative election. Two hundred members of the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic will be elected. Followingly, the new Prime Minister will be appointed. The latest data collected shows that the recently formed coalition SPOLU could be the leader of this year’s election with 31,5% of voters. Spolu is a coalition of three Czech political parties: TOP 09, ODS and KDU-ČSL. CloselyContinue Reading

The Minister of Health, Adam Vojtěch, has declared that as soon as 75% of the population of the Czech Republic is vaccinated, wearing masks might no longer be mandatory. Followingly, many restrictions that the society has to respect due to the coronavirus pandemic will be abolished. This does not include just respirators, but for instance also the limited capacity of people allowed to attend mass events and the requirement of negative tests or vaccination documents that have to be shown at the entrance to cultural gatherings. As for now, 54% of Czech citizens have been fully vaccinated. The health resort estimates that the required percentage could be reached by the end of fall 2021. Later on, the overall immunization willContinue Reading

On September 2nd, Andrej Babiš as the Czech prime minister officially started off the campaign of the ANO political party. Everything was going very well according to plan, until Andrej Babiš junior appeared at the event and confronted his own father in front of all his supporters and the press. The surroundings of Větruše castle in Ústí nad Labem were filled with people siding with the political leader enjoying the gathering. Meanwhile, Babiš’s son was just on the way from his psychologist when he and the movie director Vít Klusák, who was accompanying him, wanted to stop by for a nice bowl of soup. Coincidentally, the place of their choosing for the brief refreshment was actually the exact place whereContinue Reading

ČSSD Chairman, Minister of the Interior Jan Hamáček and ČSSD Vice-Chairwoman, Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Jana Maláčová have met with the leaders of government worker unions to reach a deal about a 3000 crown raise for all public sector workers in Czechia on Thursday, September 2nd. The same issue is to be discussed with the whole government, but changes to the deal are unlikely. This deal was reached despite the fact that the Minister of Finance, Alena Schillerová, repeatedly told the media that there is no space for such a manoeuvre in the national budget. It seems that despite the fact that Minister Hamáček met with the union leaders for the third time, he still failed to negotiateContinue Reading