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Czech News in English » Sport » Norway’s Eliassen wins Jizerská padesátka cross country ski race

Norway’s Eliassen wins Jizerská padesátka cross country ski race

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Bedrichov, North Bohemia, Jan 10 (CTK) – Norwegian Petter Eliassen won the Jizerska padesatka international Ski Classics cross-country skiing race in Bedrichov yesterday.
Two other Norwegians skiers, Johan Kjoelstad and Anders Auckland, finished second and third.
Britta Johansson-Norgren from Sweden won the women’s part of the Jizerska padesatka race, followed by Swedish Lina Korsgren.
Eliassen has won the race for the first time in his career, but it has been his fifth victory in the last six events of the Ski Classics series.
Results of Jizerska padesatka 5km classical skiing race, held as 15×3.4 km due to the lack of snow:
Men: 1. Eliassen (Norway/LeasePlan Go) 2:12:35.7, 2. Kjoelstad (Norway/United Bakeries) -3:14.0, 3. A. Aukland (Norway/Santander) -3:15.2, 4. Richardsson (Sweden/Exspirit) -3:15.3, 5. Hoelgaard (Norway/LeasePlan Go) -3:25.9, 6. Gjerdalen (Norway/Santander) -3:26.6, 7. Hoest (Norway/LeasePlan Go) -3:59.7, 8. Pedersen (Norway/Exspirit) -4:26.4, 9. Nygaard (Norway/Santander) -5:08.1, 10. Pettersen (Norway/United Bakeries) -5:09.1.
Ski Classics standings: 1. Kjoelstad 360 points, 2. Eliassen 325, 3. Dahl (Norway/United Bakeries) 297.
Women: 1. Johansson-Norgren (Sweden/Lager 157 Ski Team) 2:38:27.0, 2. Korsgren (Sweden/Pioneer Investments) -1:01.8, 3. Lindborg (Sweden/ -2:14.9, 4. Smutna (Austria/Santander) -2:42.7, 5. Boner (Switzerland/Exspirit) -2:54.2, 6. Lindstedt (Sweden/Skiproam) -4:50.1.
Ski Classics standings: 1. Johansson-Norgren 420, 2. Smutna 370, 3. Korsgren 340.

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