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Another Drone Was Shot Over Moscow. An Exhibition Center Was Damaged.

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During the night, a drone was brought down over Moscow, resulting in its debris causing damage to one of the pavilions at a local exhibition center, as reported by TASS news agency. This information was corroborated by both rescue personnel and Sergei Sobyanin, the city’s mayor. Fortunately, no injuries were reported. As a precautionary measure, the airspace covering all civilian airports in the Russian capital, including Sheremetyevo International Airport and Vnukovo Airport, was temporarily suspended.

Reuters, citing an eyewitness, noted a loud explosion near the heart of the Russian capital. Subsequently, Moscow authorities confirmed that the drone was neutralized by air defense systems at around 04:00 local time (03:00 CEST). Situated about six kilometers north of the Kremlin, the Moscow Exhibition Centre bore the location of the incident.

Sobyanin communicated that no significant harm was inflicted upon the exhibition premises. TASS detailed the destruction of one of the pavilions, with emergency services promptly addressing the situation.

Attributing the attempted attack to Ukraine, the Russian Defense Ministry stated their assessment. However, Ukraine has yet to respond to the incident.

Due to the occurrence, airspace over four Moscow airports underwent a brief shutdown, prompting the diversion of seven flights to alternate airports, as per Reuters.

According to the Russian edition of the BBC, the drone event marks the third assault in the Moscow vicinity this month and the eighth since early May.


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