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Mobile Wallet Use Growing

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Digital transactions continue to rise. Over the last few years, the number of people using mobile wallets to make payments surged in Europe. And over the last two years, the value of mobile transactions doubled. Mobile payments are expected to make one-third of all point-of-sale transactions within the next two years.

More people are using mobile wallets such as Apple Wallet or Google Pay at the present time. They are confident their financial data is secure. People are also exposed to the touted convenience of mobile payments. With the mobile wallet, people can keep their payment cards, loyalty cards, airline, train, and bus boarding passes, event tickets, discount coupons, booking confirmations, and more in a single app. And use their boarding passes on the mobile phone to check in for flights. View the balance on their coffee card, get to events, or redeem coupons.

Mobile Engagement

This creates the perfect opportunity for small businesses for customer engagement through mobile phones by push notifications and location-specific messages. With the right partner, start-ups and small businesses can build and run a smart and simple loyalty program. Using the features of mobile wallets and in a very cost-efficient manner.

Your own branded digital content for mobile wallets would become a new communication channel for you. It is interactive and allows for sending push notifications with your deals, promotions, and discounts, or exclusive content directly to the lock screen of your customers. It also can be offered on the lock screen of the mobile phone by the mobile wallet upon arriving at pre-defined places together with location-specific messages. This would allow your customers to access exclusive offers based on their location, or just tap to show, scan or redeem.

Mobile engagement together with a conversational approach enables you to effectively communicate with existing and potential customers in a more personalized and interactive manner.

About Ladislav Poledna

Ladislav is a part-time blogger who inspires readers to “Become Digital” by publishing materials about digital marketing in his Prague Monitor column and aptly named blog. He has 27+ years of experience in different sales roles within multiple industries. In the last 2 years, he has been leading the introduction of new commercial lithium-ion batteries to the EMEA region with the world’s leading producer of engines for outdoor power equipment. And recently, he also co-founded a B-to-B software service company that makes mobile marketing affordable and easy to use. Ladislav’s philanthropic contribution consists of a long-term relationship with a charity focused on funding dreams for people with muscular dystrophy.


Mobile phones are long becoming the main “screen” in peoples’ lives. Mobile marketing is no longer an innovation but a part of important decisions. Read articles on mobile marketing to get inspired on how to connect with people where they spend a lot of their time. Ladislav started Become Digital in May 2019 and since then he has added over 75 articles.

About Digikupon

Born in Europe in 2019 and available worldwide, Digikupon provides businesses with self-service tools that make mobile marketing affordable and easy to use. Digikupon helps businesses attract, serve, and retain customers by creating digital experiences for customers through mobile phones with our mobile wallet, proximity, and incentive solutions. Digikupon also easily links to and integrates with a wide range of software solutions allowing to programmatically automate and simplify the creating, updating, and deleting of custom branded digital content for mobile wallets.

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