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Yesterday, the government has announced that covid-19 restrictions will get looser in the Czech Republic. Starting from August 1st, people will be even allowed to dance at parties or swim at full waterparks as long as they meet the necessary criteria. Culture and sports events will be allowed to host up to 7000 visitors outside and 3000 inside. Standing crowds will also have to socially distance less. That means that many venues will be allowed to run at their full capacity. Also, event organizers who plan to have more than 3000 visitors can opt to only let in visitors who are either vaccinated or had covid-19 within the last six months. In that case, no restrictions will apply to that event. Dancing in clubs will work in a similar way. It will only be allowed for people who fulfill the formerly mentioned conditions or have a negative test from no longer than 24 hours ago. All visits to Czech castles and ZOOs will be without admission restrictions for groups with less than 20 members. Furthermore, the Government plans to gift 2.39 million vaccines to various countries. These vaccines will be running past their expiration date very soon, so they will be allegedly gifted to those, who helped us earlier in the pandemic or those who are strongly diplomatically tied with Czechia. Slovakia, Taiwan and Zambia are just some of those.

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