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Tick activity

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Experts are warning that tick activity is on level 5 out of 5. These parasitic arachnids are known for plaguing explorers of Czech nature every year. Now they are in their prime due to the right humidity and temperature and thus, walks in nature without the use of protective sprays and ideally also long trousers are strongly advised against. It is also safer to move on designated paths, where the grass isn’t too tall. Finally, in case any ticks still manage to cling onto tourists, it is best for them to inspect their whole body upon return home very carefully and remove any parasitic passengers as soon as possible. The removal of a tick requires the correct method, to prevent infection. While many in this region feel familiar with this method, it is always better to do your research before hurting yourself. Ticks transport dangerous diseases and it is best to deal with them with utmost caution.

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