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Delta plus in Czechia

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Unfortunately, the first case of the delta plus variant of covid-19 has been confirmed in the Czech Republic. It has been confirmed in a 30 year-old female patient from southern Moravia. The delta plus variant is a direct descendant of the delta variant, previously known as the Indian variant. Earlier in the pandemic, variants named after their country of origin were renamed after letters of the Greek alphabet, supposedly to decrease the negative impact on the countries mentioned in the previous names. Although the new variant, which has been mainly spreading in Portugal and Poland, has a “plus” in its name, it is still unclear whether it is more infectious or if the disease caused by the virus is a more severe process for the patient. Further variants of the virus also seem to be spreading in our country, with delta being the strongest and causing over 70 percent of all cases of covid-19 in the Czech Republic. The Czech Minister of Interior Jan Hamáček has stated that a reaction to this news will be needed, however the government still has not announced specific plans. He also mentioned the importance of vaccination in fighting all variants of the covid-19 virus.

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