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Fraudulent e-shops

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Both the Czech Food Inspection and the State Institute for Drug Control have reportedly started investigating a Czech online shop, which offers food supplements meant to ”detoxify the body, ridding of toxic substances and nanobots” after covid-19 vaccination to their customers. This package deal made up of 5 otherwise common food supplements claims that it will rid the body of its user of the vaccine, and even claims that research has been done to support this statement. The description of the product also advises its customers to pair this fake medication with a week long ‘water cleanse’ to repair ‘damaged DNA’ and eliminate ‘foreign mRNA’. Despite all these claims, actual experts easily agree that all this marketing contains made up information. No treatment of any kind has been ever approved for this combination of minerals and vitamins, and it can even be dangerous to ingest them in the amounts suggested by the clearly malicious online store, as it could lead to overdose. The sci-fi product is being investigated for multiple breaches of the Czech and EU law. It is still unclear what punishment could the store face for such outrageous claims, but all who stumble upon such products, which are often also heavily overpriced, are advised to stay clear of them.

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