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Money in the woods

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The police from Cvikov in northern Czechia are trying to solve a hidden treasure mystery. It has now been more than two weeks since a “large sum” of money was found by a local good samaritan and turned in to the police. The money was apparently found on a trail in the woods near the town. The police are hesitant to disclose any more information about the exact location of the find, the packaging of it or the amount of money found. According to the spokesperson of the regional police department, Lucie Baláková, they chose this approach so that the original owner of the money could identify themselves to the police once they try to contact them. The police asked the media to share the phone number 974 472 600, where the original owner of the money can speak to someone familiar with the case and prove that they are the rightful owner of this treasure by answering a handful of questions. The police is reportedly going through all this effort since the sum is apparently so large, that it could be someone’s life savings. Losing such an amount of money could be very devastating, so they are trying their best to reach its owner before they loose all hope of their money returning to them. However, a loss of hope is very likely in this case. Only a few good souls would hand in such a sum to the police after finding it in the middle of the woods.

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