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Self-test – a ticket to the pub

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Self-testing in companies was common practice for a long time now. Not only did it prevent the spread of covid-19 in the workplace, but it also allowed the employees to visit bars, pubs and restaurants with just a signed piece of paper. Now the restrictions changed, and although they seem to be looser, this is no longer possible. Self-testing is no longer mandatory for companies, and thus affidavits about being tested cannot be accepted by local businesses anymore. Furthermore, school children are no longer being tested in schools too, so they cannot enter anywhere with just an affidavit signed by their parents anymore. This means that many households are suddenly left with stocks of self-tests that are seemingly useless. However there is still a way in which they can be used. It is not common yet, but it is legal for unvaccinated people without post-disease immunity to approach a pub and notify a person working in it that they will self-test. Then, if the result is negative, they can show the test itself to the staff and enter. This information comes from the Czech Ministry of Health itself. While this is a good opportunity for those who did not have a chance to get vaccinated to go to the pub, it is likely to be abused as tests don’t have much identification on them and negative results can be faked in a number of ways, especially when just restaurant staff are to verify the correct procedure of the testing process.

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