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NGOs: Real refugees should be let in Europe

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Prague, Aug 3 (CTK) – The real refugees should be given a chance of getting into safety in Europe legally and of asking for protection, the Czech association of the organisations that work with migrants said online yesterday.
If some people’s lives are endangered, they should have easier access to humanitarian visas and family reunions, the association added.
The Czech Republic has pledged to accept 1,500 refugees by the end of 2017.
“One cannot become a refugee by one’s own decision. Some criteria must be met. An economically motivated immigrant cannot pretend to be a refugee,” the association said.
Persecuted people may ask for asylum or temporary protection in the Czech Republic.
However, the return policy should be radically applied for the economically motivated immigrants who are not accepted by Europe, the association said.
The association has 18 members. It said the real refugees should have a chance of getting into EU countries legally and of asking for shelter there.
This would prevent people trafficking and deaths on the dangerous routes, the association said.
“Most of the refugees do not have any chance of gaining the travel documents with which to come legally. Diplomatic offices do not function in the countries plagued by conflicts,” it added.
Embassies of European countries may issue humanitarian visas to those in need, the association said.
“It is untenable that such countries as Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland, Italy and Malta are facing tens of thousands of applicants for international protection more than the Czech Republic,” the association said.
Besides, the Czech Republic does not observe the ban on return from its airport, it added.
If refugees fly in with valid visas and want to ask for asylum, the foreigner police deny them entry to the Czech Republic, the association said.

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