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Poll: Most Czechs reject refugees from Syria, Africa

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Prague, July 23 (CTK) – Over 70 percent of Czechs are against the acceptance of refugees from Syria and North Africa, while immigrants from Ukraine are rejected by 44 percent of Czechs and 53 percent of them are ready to accept them, according to a poll conducted by the CVVM poll and released today.

The Czech Republic should not accept any refugees from Syria, this is the view held by 71 percent of Czechs. When it comes to the refugees from North Africa, the figure stands at 72 percent.

The view that some immigrants from Syria and North Africa should be accepted is held by 26 percent and 24 percent of Czechs, respectively.

People with higher education tend to be readier to accept the refugees from Syria, North Africa and Ukraine.

Earlier this year, the European Commission proposed quotas for the redistribution of the refugees among EU countries. The idea was dismissed by EU countries in June and now they are discussing a new form of their redistribution.

Some 60 percent of Czechs said in June they knew about the quotas.

One-fifth said they had heard about them, but did not know what they meant.

Another one-fifth said they had not heard about them.

Out of those respondents who knew what the quotas meant, 79 percent were resolutely or rather against them. Only 18 percent of them agreed with them.

Some 53 percent of the respondents knew the quotas related to Syrians and Eritreans.

The poll was conducted on a sample of 1,022 Czechs over 15 between June 8 and 15.

The Czech government has pledged to accept 1,500 refugees by the end of 2017.

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