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Czech parties vow to rise police salaries, to ignore EU quotas

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Prague, Aug 5 (CTK) – Czech parties promise increases in salaries and bigger investments in security forces while the new topic of rejection of EU quotas for refugee redistribution has appeared before the autumn election to the Czech Republic.

The topic has reacted to the migrant crisis that started in 2015.

The parties agree almost in unison that there is a need to help right in the countries from which the refugees are coming.

In their manifestoes and visions for the years to come, the parties also propose changes in the European asylum system, arguing that it does not work well.

The redistribution quotas are rejected in the manifestoes of the center-right opposition Civic Democratic Party (ODS), the Communists (KSCM), the governing Social Democrats (CSSD) and Tomio Okamura’s populist Freedom and Direct Democracy (SPD).

Christian Democrats (KDU-CSL, a junior member of the coalition government), the conservative opposition TOP 09 and billionaire Andrej Babis’s ANO also warn of migration as it might become a serious threat in connection with terrorism.

A somewhat moderate position was assumed by the extra-parliamentary Pirates who insist on a rational approach to refugees both in the Czech Republic and Europe.

“The Pirates do not consider the quotas any solution, but they invoke European solidarity with the overburdened countries and a concerted European strategy,” the party said in its statement.

A similar stance was expressed by the extra-parliamentary Greens who say that the Czech Republic should increase its share of responsibility.

The current coalition government of the Social Democrats, ANO and the Christian Democrats has refused to quotas. Out of the 2691 places allotted to it by the EU, the Czech Republic has only accepted 12 persons.

In their manifestoes, the parties also warn of cyber threat and terrorism and they promise to improve the working and cooperation of secret services.

The CSSD wants to enhance the Europeanwide cooperation of security structures in the spheres of the police, military and security services.

With regard to internal security, the parties are offering various recipes with which to improve the work of security bodies, the police in particular.

All of them promise to increase investments in the salaries and equipment.

The ODS wants to form a new data basis of the candidates for work in armed and security forces.

Crime has been falling for three years in a row. Last year, it decreased by 12 percent to 217,927 recorded criminal acts.

The fall follows the current term of office of the coalition government that came to power in 2014.

The ODS promises a tough struggle with crime, proposing to sum up minor delicts of the same nature such as pickpocketing and then classify them as a criminal act.

The Pirates and TOP 09 promise to cut the redtape so that the police have more time to investigate petty crime.

TOP 09 wants to publish maps of crime, which is also described by Babis in his vision of the working of the state until 2035.

According to Babis’ book, a communication portal is to be formed thanks to which video conversation with the police officers would be possible.

Babis and TOP 09 agree on the vision that a specific policeman should be responsible for a specific locality.

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