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ČSSD approves programme document on future of EU

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Prague, Aug 15 (CTK) – The Czech CSSD will be pushing for a joint European security policy, including the building of a European military, a more transparent decision-making of EU institutions and a more quicker closing of living standard gaps in the debate on an EU reform, Michal Kacirek told CTK yesterday.
Kacirek, spokesman for the senior government Social Democrats (CSSD), said this is embedded in the programme document that the party’s board approved yesterday.
The CSSD also places emphasis on guarantees of security for citizens and EU countries and for a long-term prosperity of the member countries.
Other important issues are promotion of investments in joint projects and infrastructure, further regulation of capital and financial markets together with fighting tax evasion, the building of the social dimension of the EU and unification of food standards.
The CSSD has drafted the document in reaction to Brexit, which prompted some European politicians to speak about the need to reform the EU.
The CSSD said it believes that the European project must be returned to the hands of European citizens. It is also necessary to return to the four fundamental freedoms of the Union, or the free movement of persons, goods, services and the capital.
The CSSD says they are “freedoms for citizens, not for transnational corporations. The departure from the concept of these freedoms as civic ones has led to the spread of Eurosceptic moods among the European public and to nationalist protectionism,” the CSSD said in the document.
It said European institutions and the decision-making on the EU level should be more transparent.
The party said not a change to the European institutions and their powers, but their professional and open functioning would be the correct way to follow.

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