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PM: EU is stronger with Britain

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Prague, June 23 (CTK) – The Czech government is convinced that the European Union will be stronger with Britain as its member, Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka (Social Democrats, CSSD) said on the referendum in which the Britons will vote on remaining in the EU yesterday.
Sobotka said the democratic West is faced with threats and it would be a mistake to split it.
He said he believes that the concessions made to Britain in the agreement on a reform of the European Union will persuade the Britons to remain in the EU.
“Britain’s influence, including influence on essential economic and political decisions, would markedly drop outside the EU,” Sobotka wrote in his commentary the Government Office handed to CTK yesterday.
The return to nationalism which would replace current cooperation would be a mistake now that the democratic West is threatened with terrorism, security instability, uncontrolled migration and climate change.
“The extensive integration embracing a majority of Europe is the best safeguard of a long-time peaceful coexistence of the nations on our continent,” Sobotka wrote.
He wrote that the agreement on an EU reform of February, for the sake of which the Czech Republic and other member countries have made “often painful” concessions, should contribute to the Britons’ decision to remain in the EU.
By the agreement, the member countries made it clear that they are serious about the problems of any member country and are trying to solve them within the European community, Sobotka wrote.

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