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Czech News in English » News » Czech Republic and the EU » Poll: Trust in EU is lowest ever among Czechs

Poll: Trust in EU is lowest ever among Czechs

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Prague, April 28 (CTK) – Only 37 percent of Czechs have confidence in the European Union, which is the lowest level of trust in the country since 2004 when it joined the EU, according to a CVVM poll released yesterday.
On the contrary, 57 percent said they do not have trust in the EU.
The trust in the EU steeply dropped over the past year, by 15 percentage points. The decline seems to be caused by the migrant crisis as most Czechs are highly critical of the EU steps related to migration, CVVM said.
In 2004, nearly two thirds of Czechs trusted the EU.
Only one fourth of Czechs said they trusted the European Parliament (27 percent) and the European Commission (26 percent).
About one fifth said they had confidence in the European Council President (Donald Tusk, 22 percent) and the EU foreign affairs chief (Federica Mogherini, 20 percent). However, this is also because one fourth said they do not know who occupied these posts.
The poll showed that Czechs also markedly lost trust in the United Nations and NATO over the past year. Trust into the UN fell from 68 to 53 percent and trust in NATO fell from 62 to 50 percent.
In the case of the United Nations, this has been the lowest level of trust since 2003.
The CVVM poll was conducted on 1063 people aged over 15 years in April.
A recent STEM poll, too, showed that Czechs lost trust in the EU, NATO and the UN to a great extent. According to this poll, only 29 percent trust the EU.

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