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More children are getting sick and develop severe side-effects of COVID-19

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Doctors noticed a sudden growth in COVID-19 statistics: more children are getting sick, mostly without any symptoms. However, children started to experience delayed severe side-effects of COVID-19 or after-effects more frequently, such as the Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome, according to Ilona Hülle, President of the Association of General Practitioners for Children and Adolescents,

It is not confirmed whether the British mutation of the virus influenced the rise in numbers.

“We will probably find out how it is related to the spread of the British mutation from the evaluation of epidemiologists. However, the morbidity of children is increasing,” Hülle explained.

Pediatricians and medical specialists also confirm that children are getting sick with COVID-19 more frequently. Children experience cough, difficulty breathing, chest pain, and loss of appetite. 

From last March until February this year, 46 children were sent to the Motol University Hospital. By now, four children are reported dead.

“However, about half of the patients’ cases were accidental. It means that they were hospitalized for another reason, and therefore asymptomatic of COVID-19,” doctor Jan David from the Pediatric Clinic of the University Hospital in Motol added. 

After four-six weeks, children also experience delayed yet possibly severe side-effects of COVID-19. The Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome becomes a slow response of the immune system to the virus. Symptoms usually include heart problems, fever, and rash. Motol reported about 23 children with the disease. David added that the number of infected children is rising due to the high number of the infected people in the Czech Republic.

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