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Lack of Honey

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The beekeepers have reported on the last year’s harvest and it is not good news. According to Dalibor Titěra from the Czech Agricultural University in Prague, last year’s honey harvest was the worst in 50 years. This should result in an average price of honey between 190 and 200 crowns per kilogram. “Anything above that is overpriced” warned the expert. Titěra also shared that the price has risen by about 70 crowns in the last decade. However, this years harvest is reportedly looking a little better so far. Furthermore, the expert also warned that such high prices of honey might incentivize retailers to offer their customers diluted honey or completely fake honey. These substances are usually low quality sirups which may seem similar at first glance but can never match the perfection of the original product made by the bees. In Titěra’s opinion, the honey should ideally go from the farmer straight to the consumer. Once it passes through a factory, the manufacturing process becomes much less transparent and honey often loses quality.

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