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Zeman wants rejected asylum applicants to be deported quickly

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Prague, July 31 (CTK) – Czech President Milos Zeman wants quick deportations of rejected asylum applicants due to the threat of terrorism, he said in an online interview broadcast live on the website yesterday.
It is cheap to condemn attacks, but the only solution is to remove their causes, Zeman said.
Prague Castle, the presidential seat, as a potential target of a terrorist attack would get 100 million crowns for security measures from the Interior Ministry, Zeman said without elaborating on particular measures.
Zeman told that a certain share of jihadists must be expected to be in a high number of refugees arriving in Europe.
“I can see a solution in the deportations of all who were not granted asylum in the respective country. Ads it is a majority of them,” Zeman said, adding that he would also deport “fanatic imams spreading hatred in mosques.”
It is cheap and superficial to condemn terrorist attacks retrospectively, Zeman said. “The only solution is to remove the causes, and unfortunately, illegal migrants are such a cause,” he added.
Zeman called migration “an organised invasion” and he added that refugees in Europe were not interested in seeking a job, but wanted welfare payments only.
Zeman expressed support for an active border protection by the miliary and police as well as electronic detention facilities to be built there. He said he would not oppose the building of a fence along the border during a big migrant wave.
Zeman also said citizens should be armed due to the threat of terrorism.
People with a firearm licence must get accustomed to using their arms in the case of emergency, he added.
“In the past, I was against the possession of a too high number of arms, but I changed my mind after the attacks,” said Zeman in connection with the recent terrorist attacks in France and Germany.
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