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Czech firm illegally employs foreigners without work permit

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Cesky Dub, North Bohemia, Aug 1 (CTK) – The Czech police uncovered 22 foreigners, Ukrainians and Moldovans, employed in a manufacturing firm in the Liberec region without a work permit, police spokeswoman Vladimira Srytrova told journalists yesterday.
Administrative action was started with all of them. They may be expelled for up to five years, Srytrova said.
The checking took place in a large manufacturing plant last week, Srytrova said.
“For tactical reasons, the police and dog handlers along with sniffer dogs were guarding the whole perimeter of the plant to prevent the escape of the persons,” Srytrova said.
“The foreigners made the police work difficult by trying to hide in the plant in various ways,” she added.
Along with customs officers, the police checked 80 people from Ukraine, Bulgaria, Moldova and Romania, Srytrova said.
They found not only 22 illegally working foreigners and also imposed 18 fines for 4800 crowns.
In the first six months of the year, 204 administrative actions over expulsion due to the work without a permit were started across the Czech Republic. This was 125 cases more than a year ago.
($1 = 24.212 crowns)

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