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PM: ČR applies laws, treaties in approach to refugees

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Prague, Sept 1 (CTK) – The Czech Republic is approaching migrants in compliance with laws and international treaties, Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka told CTK today, in connection with the detention of some 200 refugees on trains from Vienna and Hungary in Breclav, south Moravia, in the night.

The police in some neighbouring countries apply an approach to refugees that differs from the Czech bodies. The Austrian, Hungarian and Slovak foreigner police let them continue to Germany where most of them want to get.

“The Czech Republic proceeds strictly in compliance with international treaties and our laws in dealing with the migration wave. The laws of the Czech Republic say no one is allowed to enter its territory without a valid document. If it happens, the police detain such a foreigner and in harmony with law, they start checking the identity of the persons staying in the country illegally,” Sobotka (Social Democrats, CSSD) said.

The Czech police were prepared for the migrants’ arrival in Breclav. Buses for their transport parked outside the railway station and dozens of policemen were patrolling in the area.

The migrants, most of whom came from Syria, should be placed in the detention centres in Zastavka near Brno, south Moravia, Vysni Lhoty, north Moravia, and Bela-Jezova, central Bohemia.

Hundreds of migrants were allowed to board the trains to Austria and Germany in Budapest on Monday. They are crossing Slovakia where the police have sent patrols to check the trains.

Former president Vaclav Klaus took issue with Sobotka’s remarks.

“If Europe wants to commit suicide by accepting an unlimited number of refugees, let it do it, but not with out consent,” Klaus said.

“I think that we should say a resolute no. I am glad that President Milos Zeman is saying the no,” he added.

“I wish further politicians followed suit,” Klaus said.

He said he was astonished at the EU only starting checking ships in the Mediterranean in September.

“The mass immigration has been lasting for a year. The EU has taken the measure with such a tremendous delay that it only proves the poor working of the whole integration process,” Klaus said.


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