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Most participants of illegal rave leave

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Cerveny Ujezd, North Bohemia, Aug 2 (CTK) – About two-thirds of the participants in a mass rave held at a former refugee camp in Cerveny Ujezd have left and only some 1000 people stay there, police spokeswoman Veronika Hysplerova told CTK yesterday.
The traffic situation in the locality has improved, but and the noise level is still high and disorder prevails, Jana Syslova, mayor of nearby Hrobcice, said.
The police keep monitoring the event and are in touch with local mayors and the rave organisers. However, policemen have not had to solve any serious incident at the rave yet.
“The rave should end on Monday morning and everything indicates that it really will,” Hysplerova said.
The organisers leased the former refugee camp from a private owner. They announced to authorities to hold a private event for a mere 400 people there. However, several thousand people, mainly foreigners, arrived there on Saturday.
The police estimated the number of people at the site at 4000. However, Syslova put it at 10,000.
The public Czech Television (CT) reported that the owner, Pavel Fousek, had leased the plot to the rave organisers for free.
In the past, he operated an unregistered home for the mentally ill there. They lived under unsuitable conditions. Last December, the region evacuated all 39 clients and sent them to other facilities all over the country.
The company operating the home, represented by Fousek, had high debts and it went bankrupt. It was fined for providing social services without registration.
The rave in Cerveny Ujezd has complicated traffic since Friday evening. The participants blocked all access roads in the locality on Saturday.
At present, their cars as well as vans, trailers and lorries park along all local roads and forest paths in the radius of several kilometres around.
The participants did not respect private property either and they were camping everywhere if the plot was not fenced, Jitka Nova, the mayor of Merunice, where the former refugee camp is situated, told CTK.
Local people have complained about excessive noise and the violation of private property.
“The organisers have announced only a private party for 400 people on a leased area. They have not asked for a permission to stage such a mass event,” Nova said on Saturday. However, it was to late to ban the ongoing event and make the young people leave the area, she added.

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