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Prague court starts dealing with alleged anarchist planned attack

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Prague, Aug 2 (CTK) – The five Czech anarchists charged with the preparation of a terrorist attack on a train, which the Prague Municipal Court started dealing with yesterday, have pleaded innocent and they have said the case only resulted from a police provocation.
Three of the left-wing extremists are facing up to 20 years in prison or even a life sentence. The remaining two can be sentenced to up to three years in prison for failure to frustrate a crime.
Petr Sova, Martin Ignacak and Alexandra Scambova are charged with having planned a fire-bomb attack on a freight train with military material at the railway section between Prague-Radotin and Beroun, central Bohemia, from late 2014.
Sova is considered the main organiser of the group, including also Ignacak and Scambova. In December 2014, Sova, Ignacak and the police agents bought material for the production of fire bombs. They made Molotov cocktails and tested them. They later buried two fire bombs near the Prague-Chuchle railway tunnel where the attack was allegedly planned.
Sova said yesterday the whole story was made up by the prosecution. He said his anarchist group was against violence. He blamed the police agents who infiltrated the group for the creation of the whole plan of a bomb attack.
Sova said the police agents bought the material for the fire bombs, chose the place of the attack and forced the group to plan a violent attack.
Ignacak was in pre-trial detention for about 15 months. He was escorted to the courtroom by prison guards. He said yesterday none of the anarchists wanted to commit violence.
Scambova was present when Ignacak and a police agent buried the bomb near the tunnel.
Radka Pavlovska took part in the meetings of the anarchist groups and she is charged with not reporting its plans to the police.
Katarina Zezulova attended some of the meetings. Along with Sova and Ignacak, she allegedly made Molotov cocktails that should have been used against the police who forced squatters to leave the dilapidated farm Cibulka in Prague-Kosire.
Pavlovska and Zezulova rejected the charges, too.
The five suspects presented their own versions of the story and they refused to answer the questions asked by the judge, prosecutor and lawyers.
State attorney Vladimir Pazourek said the charges are based on a real, firm basis.
The police raid on the anarchist group occurred in April 2015. Ten people were arrested and six of them charged. The sixth person was accused of illegal arms possession and he is tried in a separate trial.

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