Prague, Aug 3 (CTK) – Over one-half of Czechs, some 54 percent, regularly get up before six in the morning to get to work in time, daily Pravo writes today, citing the figures of a poll conducted by the agency.

Compared with the world, this is an unusual high number, only similar to that in the neighbouring Slovakia, Pravo writes.

Every fifth Czech gets up between six and seven in the morning and another 14 percent of them between seven and eight, it adds.

Only every 16th respondent in the poll regularly sleeps until after eight in the morning. The remaining six percent said they determine their working hours themselves, thanks to which they do not have to get up to go to work, Pravo writes.

“We were very surprised at the many people getting up before six even now because the beginning of the working hours has been pushed to later time in recent years,” Zuzana Lincova, director of the agency, told the paper.

However, Czechs do not only get up so soon not to be late at work, but also because they have to look after their children or home pets before leaving for work, Lincova said.

“We have found out that although especially in large towns, the working time often starts at eight or nine in the morning, many people get up for different reasons,” she added.

“These are often those who need to look after their children or walk their dogs. Many people get up due to their favourite pastime activities or entertainment. They may have some physical training or be jogging,” Lincova said.

“There is also a new phenomenon, especially among young respondents,” she added.

“Many of them prefer to give up a part of their sleep in favour of virtual entertainment,” Lincova said.

A number of successful businesspeople get up before six because they want to practice their favourite leisure activities for which they have no time left during the day, such as tennis or golf, Pravo writes.