Prague, June 3 (CTK) – Specialised Czech firms offer to secure an alibi to adulterers and a safe asylum for lovers who want to keep their affair secret, daily Pravo writes yesterday.

Some 37 percent of Czechs admit that they have ever cheated on their long-term spouses or regular partners. While in the past, they had to make up various tricks and excuses and persuade their friend to confirm their alibi to cover up their infidelity, now they can hire special firms for these purposes.

Such firms can secure, for instance, trustful invitations to workshops in which you must participate, to company parties, or business trip, which enables unfaithful partners to leave their home for a day or longer safely.

The agency also delivers trustful receipts for hotels or parking and photographs from the town where the cover-up event is held, while you can enjoy your time in a romantic hotel with your lover at the other end of the country, Pravo writes.

“The interest in securing alibi to cover up infidelity has been rising year by year among both men and women,” Petr Machacek, from the Tailor-made Alibi firm, told Pravo.

There are facilities offering a discreet asylum for lovers that costs from 300 crowns per hour in various Czech towns. People often use them during a lunch break or after working hours. They are open continuously, but work on a legal basis and strictly ban paid escorts from entering them.

However, infidelity becomes considerably more expensive if you use these services.

Pravo writes that a common womaniser spends between 2000 to 3000 crown a month for a side affair, while an organised and sophisticated infidelity may costs thousands of crowns more.

Besides, the costs must be paid in cash or from a parallel account about which the regular partner does not know, Machacek said.

Moralists moan that this business is destroying traditional families and relationships, but businessmen “trading in infidelity” argue that they just react to a high demand in the market.

Specialised professional firms reduce the risk of side affairs being revealed, which is better than devastating disputes in marriage and marital breakups, family counsellors agree.

However, infidelity always means a collision of the relationship, indicating that something is wrong and must be repaired, Pravo writes, referring to psychologists.

($1=23.501 crowns)