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Drivers can request tailor-made number plates

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Prague, Jan 5 (CTK) – The authorities received some 800 requests for personal number plates, which would feature mainly names or rows of same numbers, on Monday, the first day Czechs could apply for them, Transport Ministry spokesman Tomas Nerold has told CTK.
“We may meet the first Czech tailor-made number plates on Czech roads at the end of January. The most popular ones have been first names and surnames, names of firms and rows of same numbers, for instance, 11111111, 22222222,” Nerold said.
A number of people have met the condition of having at least one figure on the number plate by using zero instead of the forbidden letter “O” or replacing the letter “I” with number 1, Nerold said.
He cited an example of the already approved number plate “FANT0MAS.”
The applicants for a personal number plate pay 5000 crowns per plate, that is 10,000 crowns per car. They will receive the number plate within 15 days.
“The requested text on the tailor-made number plate can be reserved for three months for a 500-crown fee. An individual or a legal entity can have only one reservation at the same time,” Nerold noted.
However, the private number plates are also subject to several restrictions.
They cannot contain abusive and dirty words or racist expressions. The letters G, CH, O, Q and W are also prohibited since they can be mixed up easily. This was demanded by the traffic police.
Each tailor-made number plate is issued for a particular person and it cannot be transferred to anyone else, the Transport Ministry said.
It also warns of not being able to issue the same number plate with an identical text if it is lost or stolen to prevent having two cars with the same plate.
However, each personal number plate is connected with the owner and not the car. The owner can therefore use it again for another car, motorcycle and moped, but always for one vehicle only.
($1=24.794 crowns)

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