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Poll: Most Czechs say 2016 will be even more successful than 2015

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Prague, Jan 5 (CTK) – Three-quarters of Czechs consider last year successful and even more are optimistic when it comes to their prospects for this year, according to a poll conducted by the STEM/MARK polling agency and released by the daily Pravo yesterday.
The positive mood mainly prevails among young Czechs under 30 and with higher education, Pravo writes, referring to the results of the poll commissioned by the bank Cetelem and carried out on a sample of 1,000 Czechs.
Last year, almost one-fifth of Czechs changed their jobs. They were primarily women, people under 30 and university-educated respondents, Pravo writes.
Roughly 8 percent of Czechs had a career promotion, but 6 percent lost their jobs, it adds.
One-tenth of Czechs said they had gained a relatively high sum either thanks to a well-paid job or as inheritance or they win a competition, Pravo writes.
On the other hand, every tenth Czech felt the loss of a large sum or some property, mainly due to a poorly paid job, a distraint, theft or natural disaster, it adds.
Each seventh to eighth Czech changed the place of residence, mostly people under 30, living in Prague and other large towns, Pravo writes.
Some 3 percent of Czechs acquired a new house or flat and one-eighth of them reconstructed their homes, it adds.
Almost one-third of Czechs bought some new furniture, home appliance, a computer or a television set.
One-eighth of the respondents bought a new or used car, Pravo writes.
The poll also focused on family affairs. Some 8 percent of Czechs changed their partners last year. This was said more often by women (12 percent) than men (4 percent).
Almost one-fifth of Czechs came across a serious disease or even death in their families, Pravo writes.
Czechs are quite optimistic with regard to their financial prospects. Some 38 of them believe that their personal or family finances will improve. Only one-eighth of the respondents expect a worsening, it adds.
The optimism in the sphere of finances falls along with a higher age and lower attained education.
Three out of ten Czechs believe that the state of the Czech economy will improve, while one-fourth are of the view that it will worsen, Pravo writes.
In general, over one half of Czechs are optimistic when assessing their future, it adds.
This year, a larger proportion of Czechs than last year expect positive changes in their lives , Pravo writes.
One-fifth of Czechs expect to gain a large sum this year and to buy a new car, it adds.
Every sixth Czech is planning to change the place of residence, more often women (20 percent) than men (12 percent), Pravo writes.

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