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Prague, Feb 3 (CTK) – The District Court in Ceske Budejovice, south Bohemia, dismissed a complaint by Alzbeta Pezoldova, who seeks the recognition of her claim to the inheritance of the Hluboka branch of the Schwarzenberg noble family on Wednesday, server reported Friday.
It wrote that Pezolodova has instructed her lawyer to appeal the verdict.
Pezoldova is the grand-daughter of the last owner of Adolf Schwarzenberg’s estate. However, Czech courts have as yet considered her stepbrother Karel Schwarzenberg the heir. In November 2012, the Constitutional Court (US) returned the lawsuit back to the beginning.
Pezoldova is a daughter of Jindrich Schwarzenberg, heir to Adolf Schwarzenberg. In view of the old family habits, her father preferred the male heir, his adoptive son Karel from the Orlik family branch, in his testament.
However, Pezoldova claims that Karel Schwarzenberg has breached her father’s last will which ordered him to actively seek the return of the whole property.
The opposite side to the suit, however, claims that the male family members always inherited property among the Schwarzenbergs.
The dispute for determination of the heir can influence the restitution claims by the Schwarzenberg family descendants.
Pezoldova’s father owned extensive property. The dispute may also concern movables including collections and furnishings which the state unlawfully confiscated after the war, wrote.
Befor World War Two, the Hluboka branch of the Schwarzenbergs owned huge real estate. However, in 1947, the state passed the “lex Schwarzenberg”, which stripped the family of all property.
After the fall of the communist regime in 1989, the state only returned property to the poorer Orlik branch of the Schwarzenbergs. Pezoldova has repeatedly turned to the US to abrogate Lex Schwarzenberg, but to no avail.
Alzbeta Pezoldova has been locked in several lawsuits in the Czech Republic, claiming the return of property of the Hluboka branch of the Schwarzenbergs. She has claimed the return of many heritage items, including the chateaus in Hluboka and Cesky Krumlov and a number of other buildings and land, all in South Bohemia.
She has applied for the return of some of them repeatedly.
The US has only recognised her claim to the family vault in Domanin near Trebon, south Bohemia.
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