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Trust in Czech government, parliament goes up

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Prague, Feb 3 (CTK) – Trust in President Milos Zeman slightly fell in January, while confidence in the Czech government and both houses of parliament increased and people are more satisfied with the general political situation in the country, according to a CVVM poll whose results were released Friday.
However, the president remains markedly more popular than the the government and parliament.
Trust in the president fell from 56 percent in December 2016 to 53 percent in January 2017, while mistrust of him grew from 41 to 45 percent, the poll showed.
The government is now trusted by 42 percent of citizens, the Chamber of Deputies is trusted by 31 percent and the Senate by 32 percent, compared with 39, 27 and 30 percent, respectively, in December. The two houses of parliament nevertheless continue to be the least trusted constitutional bodies in the Czech Republic.
Czechs traditionally have the highest confidence in mayors and local self-rule bodies, whom 64 and 63 percent trust.
Trust in regional governors and regional self-rule bodies is at the same level as that in the government, 42 percent.
Those who are dissatisfied with the political situation clearly prevail over the satisfied ones, but the share of the dissatisfied people decreased from 47 to 39 percent over the past month. Twenty-two percent said they were satisfied, compared with 17 percent in December.
Old people, people with low education, voters of the opposition Communists (KSCM) and those who do not take part in elections tend to be more dissatisfied with the political situation.

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