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Ministry to propose people’s inclusion in defence

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Prague, June 5 (CTK) – The Czech Defence Ministry has been assigned to prepare the basics of a bill based on which people could voluntarily join the fulfilling of the armed forces’ tasks, Defence Minister Martin Stropnicky tweeted after a government meeting today.

If the legislation is passed in the future, the ministry should also propose how to boost inhabitants’ physical fitness and knowledge that could be used in the defence of the state.

The ministry writes that the experience of the military proves that direct cooperation with citizens is very effective. It is carried out through information presentations, defence sport events and competitions.

The ministry writes that citizens’ voluntary activities could be developed through cooperation with sport clubs, associations and unions, possibly with radio amateurs, sport pilots and organisations focused on providing health services and amateur use of weapons.

The ministry writes that citizens’ interest in voluntary taking part in the state’s defence is growing.

It writes that inspiration can be sought in Czech history and abroad.

It mentions physical training clubs and associtiations which were founded in the second half of the 19th century already, the inclusion of certain associations in state defence in the intra-war period and the law on defence education of 1937.

Foreign models can be found in Canada, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Hungary and Israel, the ministry writes.

It writes that citizens should be capable of defending themselves, or possibly helping protect others and at the same time not hampering the fulfilling of the armed forces’ tasks by their incorrect behaviour.

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