Prague, Jan 6 (CTK) – The Czech National Security Office (NBU) is ready to help the Government Office secure the electronic communication of Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka (Social Democrats, CSSD) whose private e-mail was recently hacked, NBU spokesman Radek Holy told CTK yesterday.
The fact that Sobotka´s mail was hacked was reported by the server on Tuesday.
Two sources from the Government Office told CTK yesterday that the employees of the office have not received any new instructions on cyber security since the hacker attack.
Holy said his office is ready to advise all civil servants, but that he does not know about anyone from the Government Office having turned to it in connection with the security of Sobotka´s e-mail.
Holy said he would recommend to all people to use better protected services.
“Good passwords, different passwords for individual services to prevent their repetition, not clicking on things that you do not expect and that look suspicious in order to not fall victim to phishing and the like,” Holy said.
A source from the Government Office told CTK yesterday that it is not true that Sobotka may have had a password for his e-mail operated by that was not too safe. The source said the password was by no means easy to guess.
Dozens of officials as well as private reports from Sobotka´s e-mail account have been released by the extremist White Media web.
According to the Police Presidium, the case is being investigated by the Squad for Uncovering Organised Crime (UOOZ). Its spokesman Pavel Hantak told CTK that he will not comment on the case.
The server said yesterday one of the major police versions is that the hacker attack was carried out to order. Experts say it was sophisticated and that all e-mails that have been published are authentic.
“According to the analyses by security experts, some five organised groups conducting hacker attacks to order operate in the Czech Republic,” the server said.
People connected with the White Media web are allegedly mediators of one of these groups.