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Judge reprimanded for insulting migrants

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Brno, June 6 (CTK) – The disciplinary panel of the Czech Supreme Administrative Court (NSS) imposed a reprimand on judge Milos Zbranek for having posted online two articles grossly insulting migrants and the staff of the NGOs helping them yesterday.
The disciplinary panel complied with the complaint over the articles A Report on Wandering to Germany and a Letter from a Disoriented Runner.
The panel ruled that the texts in question were on the verge of taste and decency.
“In some cases, they crossed the boundary,” chairman of the court panel Radovan Havelec said.
Zbranek described the refugees generally as self-seeking persons and pure opportunists.
According to Zbranek, the NGO staff sponge on the aid to the refugees.
In addition, Zbranek used liberally vulgarisms, the verdict said.
Zbranek works in the Liberec branch of the regional court in north Bohemia. He is in charge of commercial law cases.
His superiors do not have any objections to his work.
However, the chairman of the regional court, Lubos Doerfl, previously asked him to be moderate when writing.
As Zbranek’s publication activity continued, he lodged the disciplinary action.
Although Zbranek did not expressly confirm that he was the author of the articles, the court panel ruled that it was beyond dispute.
There are a number of limitations associated with the post of a judge, but judges can be active in literature, arts and comments on public affairs.
However, they must not violate the dignity of the calling of judge and threaten the trust in the independence of the judiciary.
“In my view, neither the refugees nor Muslims are slandered there. If anything, they are described as a sort of victims of the persons around them,” Zbranek has said.

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