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Czech News in English » News » National » Police investigate anti-immigrant posters Police investigate anti-immigrant posters

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Prague, Aug 6 (CTK) – The Czech police are investigating, on the basis of a legal complaint, whether a series of allegedly anti-immigrant posters that the National Democracy ultra-right extra-parliamentary party has released do not violate law, the server reported yesterday.
The posters, for instance, contain an appeal for “shooting the black,” which is also a Czech idiom for “hitting the bull’s eye.”
“It is quite apparent about whom the texts are, since the party is speaking about immigrants in general term as about ‘intruders’ or ‘horny Negroes’,” the server writes .
“We have received a report in connection with these posters. Now detectives will be looking into them to find out whether the respective articles in the penal code have been violated or not,” cites Prague police spokesman Jan Danek as saying.
The server writes that National Democracy chairman Adam B. Bartos has been questioned by the police over legal complaints four times of late.
According to the police website, the police, for instance, deal with a complaint against Bartos over his speech in which, holding a hangman’s rope in his hand, he proclaimed that if the government did not act (against immigrants), he would do so.

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