Usti nad Labem, North Bohemia, Aug 6 (CTK) – Eight elementary schools in the Usti Region will newly use the revolutionary teaching method of Israeli expert in talent development Opher Brayer, Ondrej Klein, from the Usti Region Innovations Centre (ICUK), has told CTK.

The ICUK is already training the teachers, Klein said.

The educational project Stages combines the development of mathematical thought with creativity and a complex approach.

It is its sense to train the brain.

“Within the usual teaching process, the pupils will play the games for the development of creativity and mathematical thought for 22 minutes every day,” Klein said.

“They will play each of them only once,” Klein said.

Seemingly unrelated activities as dance, drawing or karate are combined with the maths.

“I am ecstatic at the method. I like its complex and playful character, the division of a problem into partial solutions. How it is able to discover mathematics even in such a distant discipline as karate,” Martin Lana, a deputy principal, has told CTK.

“It brings the most important thing, we have been calling for in the long run, teaching children to think,” Lana said.

The pilot project will be joined by eight elementary schools in Usti nad Labem, Decin, Kadan and Rehlovice in north Bohemia.

The Breyer method was introduced there by an assemblyman from Usti and a great proponent of teaching innovations, Martin Hausenblas.

“Launching the project Stages at elementary schools is only a beginning,” Hausenblas said.

The ICUK also wants to cooperate with the Israeli mentor.

“We would like to use the personality and experiences of Opher Brayer in order to enhance the quality of our services, such as for the mentoring and education of start-ups in the Usti Region. The method incredibly develops innovative thought,” ICUK director Tomas Sivicek said.