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Communist MEP Ransdorf seeks to clear up suspicions of fraud

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Prague, Jan 7 (CTK) – Vladimir Hunek, a protagonist from the fraud scandal implicating Czech Communist MEP Miloslav Ransdorf, has a valid decision on his Swiss inheritance delivered by a Czech court, Slovak Peter Guzmicky, who organised their visit to a Swiss bank in December, told journalists yesterday.
The inheritance amounted to millions of euros, Guzmicky said.
“The court found that according to a notification by the Zurcher Kantonalban from November 3, 2006, the defendant in the case of the inheritance after Helena Husak-Hunek, who died on March 27, 2005, is entitled to the inheritance of one million euros,” Guzmicky said.
He told CTK later that this was not one, but several million euros.
A Czech court from Zlin or Prague decided on the inheritance on February 18, 2007, Guzmicky said.
During the press conference he also spoke about 2008.
The media has speculated that the sum in question might by around 350 million euros.
Neither Guzmicky nor Ransdorf have denied the sum. They did not say how the woman in question could have amassed the fortune.
In December, the Swiss police detained Ransdorf in the Kantonalbank bank in Zurich, along with three Slovaks, on suspicion of a financial fraud. The four men are suspected of an attempt to gain a high sum from the bank using false documents.
Both Ransdorf and Guzmicky keep claiming that the documents are not false.
“I am the organiser due to which Ransdorf faced the problem in Zurich. As an honest guy, I feel entitled and the duty to tell the truth,” Guzmicky said.
He repeated that Ransdorf and the Slovak trio were motivated by an effort to start communication with the Swiss bank.
An “honorable chevalier” and an “honorable Communist” spoke on behalf of Hunek, Guzmicky said.
Due to the scandal, Ransdorf has discontinued his membership of the European United Left/Nordic Green Left (GUE/NGL) group of the European Parliament.
He denies any wrongdoing.
Ransdorf said in the Swiss bank he had acted on behalf Hunek.
Hunek had been convicted of fraud as he promised money to some people if they help him get an inheritance in Switzerland.
Ransdorf said Hunek had not promised any money to him for the help.

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