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Healthcare workers’ trade union declares strike alert

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Prague, Feb 8 (CTK) – The Czech Healthcare and Social Workers’ Trade Union declared a nationwide strike alert in reaction to the unfortunate situation in the South Moravian emergency service yesterday.
The emergency service’s staff have long been overloaded and bossed around by their superiors, the union said.
The strike alert was declared to achieve the dismissal of South Moravian emergency service director Milan Klusak.
“The trade union has declared strike alert as of yesterday in support of South Moravian rescuers. All 30,000 members of the trade union are prepared to support their colleagues,” said rescuer Martin Vostal, from the Pardubice Region, east Bohemia.
Representatives of other trade unions have expressed support for the healthcare workers’ union, its chairwoman Dagmar Zitnikova said.
The trade union in the South Moravian emergency service declared strike alert once in July 2016. It pointed to the lack of rescue teams, which led to a massive work overload of the employees and the managers’ discriminatory behaviour towards them.
The South Moravia Region as the operator of the emergency service wants to solve the situation with the aid of an independent intermediary who is supposed to reconcile the parties in dispute.

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