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Doctors launch crusade against redundant paperwork

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Prague, June 7 (CTK) – The Czech Doctors’ Chamber (CLK) launched yesterday a campaign against redundant paperwork in health care which is together with a shortage of doctors and nurses the biggest obstacle to patients receiving quality care, CLK president Milan Kubek has told journalists.
He called on doctors to report to the committee for patients’ safety when paperwork steals from them the time destined for care of the ill.
The CLK said the Health Ministry and lawmakers should help cut the paperwork in health care.
The committee the CLK created with support of the CLK’s law office will analyse individual valid as well as proposed legal norms with regard to whether they increase or decrease the safety of patients.
The CLK also wants a critical assessment of the benefit of accreditation commissions to be made. The commissions check the quality and safety of health care facilities. Kubek said it is close to zero in a majority of cases.
“Patients rightly complain that doctors are more and more looking into papers and computers and that there is no time for human contact,” Kubek said.
He said hospitals are excessively burdened with duties connected with the accreditation that confirms the quality and safety of care.
However, the accreditations are nothing but “a gold mine” for private entities, Kubek said.

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